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Design Week came across the humorous site F-ck Yeah Headlines last week. Illustrator Eric Wedum finds a headline on a major news site each day, and illustrates it without reading a word of it. He describes it as information through ignorance; bizarrely, some of the inspired drawings are surprisingly accurate.
Mill Co is a virtual community of freelance and independent creative collaborators that Design Week has been a fan of since its inception. The creative bunch has recently launched a short animation about its community, inspired by an illustration from Si Scott, animated by Lewis Kyle White with sound from Mo Creatives.
Forget Bansky, there’s a new street artist on the block that has been introduced to us through the blog The Citrus Report. Oakoak is a French street artist who is making a bit of statement, er, on the streets. His witty depictions use existing street furniture as a base for making fun of the surrounding environment.
Another French street artist making waves is semi-anonymous JR, who uses his camera to show the world its true face by pasting photos of the human face across massive canvases. You can learn more about his work at a recent Ted talk posted here, where he speaks about his wish to turn the world inside out.

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