Richard Hart – Disturbance


I’m not one of those lucky types who finds inspiration gushing forth from every corner of the world. Fortunately, I’m capable of going about my creative day without regular blinding flashes of inspiration.

But, of course, there are optimal conditions for being creative – and I have two. The first is work-induced exhaustion. Getting to bed late, after a long day’s work, my mind won’t settle. It used to drive me mad, but then I realised that this is a highly productive time. Now I keep a notebook by my bed and jot my thoughts down. The next morning I’m knackered, but have come up with new ideas or resolved existing ones.

The second is a state of flux. I need change and variety to get me into high gear. The change can have nothing to do with work – being abroad or in an unfamiliar work space. Or it can be a change in the actual work – trying a new technique or collaborating with strangers.

The downside is that my work (pictured) shows little consistent style or a singular vision. The upside is that I stay engaged and excited about what I do. Which is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

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