Someone spreads its bets to rebrand Betfair


Online betting exchange Betfair has been rebranded by Someone and its new digital offshoot Someone Else, with work rolling out incrementally from this weekend.

Brought in on recommendation last summer to review the brand, Someone sought to refine the exiting identity before developing a new identity and a new look based around the proposition of a triangular pattern and ’polygon texture’. These will be used to unify the brand and make it more scaleable. The pattern will work across Betfair’s communications to ’animate the brand and make it more ownable’, according to Someone co-founder Gary Holt.

A new identity sees the size of arrows used equalised to indicate fairness. ’The arrows in use at the moment are of different sizes, but we wanted to communicate an equal and fair exchange between two individuals,’ says Holt.

Typographically, the identity is now larger than it was before and kerning has been addressed to make the identity scaleable.

The triangular device is a ’modular pattern’, says Holt, and allows for different images to be integrated and superimposed. ’It helps to get the hierarchy of messages right and will be tonal across background,’ he adds.

As Betfair is principally an online brand Someone has worked with Someone Else, its new digital consultancy, to develop the website and better express the values of ’community and stature’, according to Someone Else creative director Warren Hutchinson.

Hutchinson is leading work to apply new guidelines to the site and is working closely with the Betfair team to create a visual layer consistent with any offline materials, but also to address the ’behaviour’ of the brand, he says.

This will be applied to the Betfair Casino product, which is being overhauled for a proposed July launch.

’It’s very static at the moment,’ says Hutchinson. ’We’re trying to build the experience so people can see where the activity is and which games are being played the most,’ he adds.

Someone Else

  • Someone Else was set up by Someone in December 2010 and is headed by Warren Hutchinson who joined from LBI, where he was user experience director
  • The digital consultancy is working alongside Someone on projects, but is also pitching for its own work and developing its own client portfolio
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  • Pauline Benefield November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Thank goodness this is a website by designers, for designers.

    There is an incredible amount of ‘brand speak’ going on there…

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