SGA loads identity by Sooper Double D

Sooper Double D has redesigned the identity of the Scottish Games Alliance, unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles last week.

“The SGA wanted an identity reflecting that the Scottish games industry is branching out and is exciting, young and dynamic,” says SDD founder Lyall Bruce. The consultancy won the work without a pitch.

The SGA was established in Dundee, the heart of the Scottish computer games industry, in 1996 by several of Scotland’s leading games developers. The aim of the SGA is to raise global awareness of the Scottish computer games industry and promote research and development.

Dundee’s games development industry has produced major global sellers such as Grand Theft Auto and F1 2000.

Some ten per cent of the UK’s computer games originate from the region and it is home to the International Centre for Computer Games and Virtual Entertainment. This organisation, which is based at the University of Abertay Dundee, claims to be Europe’s first university research centre of its kind.

According to the European Leisure Software Publishers Association, 40 million computer games were sold in the UK last year.

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