Bad grammar lets down Mr Kipling’s packaging redesign

One thing seems to have escaped the notice of all the respondents about the redesigned Mr Kipling packaging, and that is the appalling grammar (News, DW 10 November).

Mr Kipling. That’s fine. Exceedingly good. I like that – nice. Six Cherry Bakewells. Great. Now read it all together. Exceedingly good six Cherry Bakewells. Whoops, it doesn’t quite work.

The strapline and the product name are all in the same font and size, so you assume they’re part of the same sentence.

Shame on you, Turner Duckworth. Is the UK design industry entirely populated by 16-year-old dunces, who left school with 15 GCSEs, yet still can’t write a sentence of proper English? I hope not.

Dan Thurgood, Dan Thurgood Design, Liverpool, L17 2AN

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