Design development and it’s free publicity for Ford

In response to Wayne Hemingway (Letters, DW 10 October), ‘disturbing’ is a word I would use to label anyone who would stifle the development of creativity in the motor industry, or any other for that matter.

If personality can be injected into the market beyond the usual add-ons such as parking sensors and heated seats, then good. Such a bold move gives an idea of what could be, not what shall be. After all, how can you fully judge the possibilities unless you go all the way to see the results? Fortunately, car manufacturers have the coin to do just that.

The cost of the StreetKa hasn’t changed to the average punter, regardless of how much money Ford spent on the design by Julien Macdonald, so it’s still delivering its promise.

Would donating the money to charities, instead of spending it on this collaboration, have boosted presence with as much pizzazz as this Barbie accessory? I think not. (Sorry, the design’s just not my bag).

I think a line from the original feature (DW 26 September) covers it: ‘It’s tempting to read too much into Macdonald’s collaboration with StreetKa’.

My only worry is the motive for car theft will change. Instead of selling off the stolen goods, they will blackmail the frantic owner if they ever want to see their loved one again.

Stein Olsen



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