Manufacturer creatively supporting design talent

Further to Wayne Hemmingway’s letter regarding the Ford StreetKa/ Julien Macdonald link up (Letters, DW 10 October), I would like to reassure you that Ford is in no way treating the public as gullible nor trying to mislead them about the specification of the purchase model by publicising the £1m StreetKa.

Ford is delighted to support contemporary design talent through sponsorship and the customised StreetKa served as a creative way to demonstrate the link between Ford StreetKa and fashion designer Macdonald.

You may be interested to note that Hemingway customised a Matiz for the now defunct Daewoo at Birmingham Motor Show 1998 to help Daewoo secure publicity. He included a quilted dashboard and corset-like white fake-fur seats with black leather laces as part of the design.

Sophie Anning

Senior account director

PiranhaKid Communications

London WC1

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