TSI talks Shop USA with on-air graphics for home-shopping channel

Broadcast services provider TSI has produced a series of graphic packages, launching today, for Sirius TV’s rebranded home-shopping channel Shop USA.

Sirius, which operates four transactional channels on digital satellite and cable TV and manages teleshopping for several other channels, relaunched its Home Shopping Europe as Shop USA this month. TSI, through its graphics arm TSI Design, is responsible for the complete branding package, from idents and stings to call-to-actions and sponsorship.

Sirius describes Shop USA as a blend of live-action images and stylised graphics. According to Sirius chief executive Ed Hall, the new channel’s identity will be the first to ‘openly promote American products and infomercials’ in the UK.

‘It’s about time we started to celebrate the fact that the USA is the home of TV shopping,’ he adds.

Sirius director of content and operations Chris Parsons says the brief was for ‘a polished and professional end-product that captured the slick feel of American infomercials’.

TSI turned the project round in two weeks, with input from its newly established in-house 3D animation department, headed by Simon Allen.

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