A word of thanks to Quest forum organisers

On behalf of most, if not all, of those who attended the Design Transformation Group’s Design Quest 2, we would like to extend our thanks to Nick Udall, Christian de Groot and Maxwell Young for organising what they describe as “an inspiring forum for the creation and exchange of knowledge, experience and action” in relation to design futures and design thinking.

Now that this invigorating event is over it simply remains for those involved and the DTG team to pull together and fully understand the implications of the tangle of knots, nets and threads created during the four days of intensive action, reaction and activity.

Mark Illman, Sensible Products Research Study, University of Northumbria

Chris Sherwin, CIM Institute, Cranfield University

Phil Thompson, Electrolux Industrial Design UK Centre for Industrial Design, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NU1 8SP

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