Enterprise IG relaunches Thorn’s business arm

Thorn Group subsidiary Thorn Business to Business relaunched yesterday with a name, identity and positioning by Enterprise IG.

Now called Quadriga, the company is pushing to become the world leader in supplying interactive technology to guest rooms of major hotel chains.

Quadriga delivers to more than 170 000 rooms across 16 countries. It is currently the European leader in the field and third in the world.

The rebranding brings together all the Thorn Business to Business companies under one name for the first time.

With the globalisation of the hotel business, the Thorn company needed to operate under a single brand, says Enterprise IG director Mary Peterkin.

The name Quadriga is Latin for harnessing energy and orchestration, “precisely the philosophy behind the company”, says an Enterprise IG spokeswoman.

“We didn’t want to come up with a new name which had no meaning,” says Peterkin. The consultancy was looking for “a name which had a past and could be used to move the company forward”.

The look of the identity had to be distinctive, although “we didn’t want it to be too distracting from the name”, says Enterprise IG creative director Robert Soar.

The logotype’s border, which is intended to emphasise what is inside the “window”, comes in a range of colours.

“Thorn is a very traditional English company. Quadriga has an international brand and feel,” says client marketing manager Anne Moir.

The new literature design is being implemented by Cramm Francis Wolff, and the on-screen branding is being carried out by the in-house graphics team at Thorn’s software company.

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