Juice bar chains look set to be next phenomenon

The runaway success of coffee chains could be replicated by a new generation of juice bars, if plans being hatched by a variety of entrepreneurs meet with public approval.

Joose International, formerly known as Joose Moose, is introducing an identity (pictured), created by The Hallmark Partnership, to its three outlets in London and Paris. The client has plans to open a further nine branches in European capital cities over the next two years, says Hallmark partner Mark Castellino.

The design group was briefed to create a modern and minimalist image for the “fast health” chain, which is aimed at customers aged between 20 and 35.

It sells fruit and yoghurt drinks and healthy fast food.

Entrepreneur Jamie Eynon, who has been researching the juice bar market with a view to launching his own operation, says outlets are springing up all over the US after taking California by storm. “As sure as night follows day, we follow America,” he says.

London already has a number of juice bars, including Juice in Covent Garden and Squeeze in High Street Kensington.

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