Why it’s no longer a case of vision impossible

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How refreshing to see “imagination” back (Comment, DW 18 September). Perhaps “talent and vision” may also be making a comeback.

For much too long now “imagination” has been missing from the design vocabulary, mainly because using this term involves another word, “risk”.

Imagination, as with vision and talent, are to some extent unquantifiable. Therefore, evoke risk theories and these do not sit easily with our new business consultant robes. But they should.

In my previous life as a client, both at Tesco and Woolworths, we expressly set out to seek and use talent and imagination, people with vision, not the latest upgrade or hardware.

Good design management (not to be confused with good project management) involves imagination and the management of the creative process to produce creatively appropriate solutions to an ever competitive business community.

Well done, Michael [Wolff] for reminding us all that without imagination our industry will descend into an uncomfortable mediocrity.

Paul King



Hertford SG14 1HD

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