Wolff Olins turns to cursors for energy company identity

Consultancy Wolff Olins has rebranded energy company Enel, with letterforms in the logo featuring a cursor to represent a lightbulb filament.

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Wolff Olins has created a new brand identity for electricity and gas company Enel, which aims to mimic the idea of “moving energy”.

Each letter in the new logo features a “cursor” which is used to “visually echo” a light bulb filament, says Chris Moody, creative director at the consultancy. He adds: “Each letter consists of a cursor, followed by a colourful trail of energy.”

The new visual identity, which is applied in various colours, replaces a blue, italicised sans-serif logotype with an orange tree icon.


Visualising power

This is part of Enel’s new brand positioning as an “Open Power” utility company, – “open, responsive and sustainable”, says Wolff Olins.

Moody says: “At the start of the creative process, we explored how to visualise different kinds of power, including kinetic energy, physical phenomena and data-driven systems.

He adds that the cursor aims to represent “energy that is always moving”. When applied digitally, the cursor moves and evolves gradually to form words.

This distinctive visual identity has been applied to create a “consistent design language”, and versatility, he says.

“Intentionally experimental”

“The brand is intentionally experimental,” Moody says. “The cursor can be used in new and unexpected ways to create endless interpretations of Open Power. We encourage people inside and outside Enel to play, innovate and experiment with the cursor.”

The new branding has also been rolled out to Enel Green Power and Endesa, two acquired companies of parent group Enel.

It was created by a team across all four of Wolff Olins’ global hubs, from London, New York, San Francisco and Dubai.

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  • alberto mazzenzana January 28, 2016 at 10:29 am

    The ‘n’ is horrendous it seems an amputated leg.

  • D Conran January 28, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Another sloppy logo reinforced by smoke & mirror animations in an attempt to make it have worth…

  • Valerio Lauri January 28, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    Stop copy Google style, mates…

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