PC computers ‘challenge Apple Macintosh’

The phenomenal growth in the multimedia sector, which traditionally prefers IBM compatible PC computers, is challenging the Apple Macintosh’s hold on the design industry, according to the author of a new report.

The report, released last Friday, finds the number of consultancies using mainly Macintosh computers has dropped from 75 per cent to 50 per cent in the past year. The report, IT in the Marketing Services Sector, was written by accountant Willott Kingston Smith. The findings are based on data from ten of the top 50 design consultancies.

“It’s not a massive sample, but the shift tallies with my experience and that of marketing services in general. I believe the main reason for the downturn in Macintosh use is because multimedia designers don’t have the same allegiance to them as other designers,” says WKS director of IT consultancy Ed Bayley, who worked on the report.

“The latest software comes out on PCs first, and although Macs are still generally more powerful, the gap is closing fast,” he adds.

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