The long neck of the law

Specialist law firm Clintons focuses on the entertainment, media and sport industries from its offices in Drury Lane, in the heart of London’s theatre district.

The company was keen to push its perceived attributes, of being different, innovative, approachable and possessing technical expertise, at a time when rival companies are increasingly using design to improve their own images. Clintons has a generally creative clientele, and wanted to appeal more directly to it.

Hildebrand Design was brought in to create a new brochure which would make Clintons stand out. It chose an animal theme to differentiate Clintons from its rivals.

Copywriter Chris Farrell was appointed at the beginning of the project so that written and visual elements of the design could develop in tandem.

While stock photolibrary images of animals have been used, two have been manipulated to strengthen the point they are seeking to make. A giraffe with an extended neck and a zebra with spots, for example, are shown to illustrate how different Clintons aims to be.

In what is thought to be an understated first for the legal industry, the Clintons name and logo is omitted from the cover of the brochure, which reads A Specialist Law Firm.

While the brochure is of A4 height it is of a narrower – 148mm – width, and has rounded edges to convey a sense of conviviality.

Designer: Hildebrand Design

Client: Clintons

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