Blue Marlin gets ‘loud and proud’ on True Lemon juice substitute

Blue Marlin’s UK and US studios have been working on the rebranding and packaging of True Lemon, a crystallised lemon juice substitute which, the consultancy says, could ’revolutionise lemon usage’.

’The first challenge we faced was trying to explain what the heck it is,’ says Blue Marlin New York director Jean Koeppel.

’We needed to create a clear proposition without weighting down the identity with too much information,’ she adds.

True Lemon brand-owner Grand Brands claims that the product contains only natural lemon oils and juices, and has no calories, carbohydrates, sugars, sweeteners or preservatives.

The company also say that it tastes like, and can be used as a substitute for, fresh lemon juice.

Koeppel says that the identity uses ’a mouth-watering, hyper-real illustration of the fruit’s skin’.

This, she says, is ’loud and proud’, and suggests the brand message ’True Lemon is real lemon, only better’.

Launching before the end of the month in the US , the look will also be applied to Grand Brands’ other products – True Lime, True Orange, Lemonade and True Lemon, and Raspberry Lemonade – all of which are cold-pressed, crystalised citrus products.

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