Thirty-year digital moving image installation

Oil Stick Works

Source: John Gerrard

If you stumble into the east end ticket hall of Canary Wharf Underground station this April, you will come across a large-scale projection of Oil Stick Work (Angelo Martinez/ Richfield, Kansas) – a digital moving image piece that develops in real time for a 30-year period – by Irish artist John Gerrard.

Source: John Gerrard

The scene features an animated human called Angelo Martinez. He arrives at work every day at dawn and paints 1m2 of the grain silo using an artist’s oil stick before departing at sunset. It will take Angelo 30 years to paint the entire grain silo (we’re currently three years into the project). The dark silhouette he creates in the landscape, will be painstakingly finished in 2038 – the black squares represent a grim calendar counting down to the day American oil supplies are predicted to run dry.

The installation runs from 8 April for 12 months as part of the a series of contemporary art for the Jubilee Line commissioned by Art on the Underground.


John Gerrard moving image installation

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