Austrian Airlines flies Davies Baron identity

Austrian Airlines has launched its new identity and is preparing new lounges and travel shops, signalling a boom in high-flying corporate work. The airline is currently rolling out its new look created by Davies Baron.

The consultancy was asked to redesign corporate identity, livery, all graphics and cabin interiors, and to create new lounges and travel shops, which are still to be unveiled.

“Austrian Airlines had the old scheme for more than 20 years and it needed a fresh approach,” says a spokeswoman for the airline, which has upped its fleet to 22 aircraft. “The company has become competitive since it has been privatised, so it needed a new identity to reflect this,” she adds.

Davies Baron was chosen from a shortlist of four, which included one other UK group. The identity is even applied to cutlery and china designed by Davies Baron, and will be rolled out in February.

“It is becoming such a competitive area of business and airlines are realising that design is a fundamental part of creating differentiation,” says Davies Baron managing director David Davies. The consultancy is also working on projects for BA.

John Brindley, director of government affairs at International Air Transport Authority (IATA), estimates that there are 1200 airlines worldwide. These can take advantage of the new liberal environment which is lifting restrictions on who can operate where. Airlines are keen to rebrand in the face of such new business opportunities, he says.

See News Analysis, page 8.

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