It’s all about rock and poll

BMG, apparently, is one of the UK’s largest record companies, with megastars such as Take That and Annie Lennox on its roster.

Annie, at least, is a woman of taste, but this hasn’t stopped BMG rocking sideways when it comes to giving design briefs.

The aim of Rock The Vote is to encourage young people to get off their bottoms and vote. Twenty-five per cent of them haven’t decided what to vote and may not even bother, according to polls.

But will Rock The Vote’s logo – by Sherry Design – encourage them? Bitching aside, might it not delve into the realms of really cool graffiti-type writing that youngsters are supposed to like, but actually don’t?

Chase those January blues away with The Blues Album Cover Art. It’s a collection of 250 classic blues album covers from the Fifties and Sixties, including rarities such as David Gahr’s 1959 portrait of artist Sonny Terry (pictured). The Blues Album Cover Art costs 17.99 and is published by Collins & Brown.

Violence, loneliness, despair, revenge… and that’s just over breakfast. Sin City: The Big Fat Kill gives more than a glimpse into a murky world where criminals used to calling the shots are challenged by women of the night. The hero is called Dwight and he’s trying to keep the pimps, the Mob and the police out. Written and illustrated by Frank Miller, author of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, this latest noirish graphic novel costs 16.99 and is due to be published by Titan Books on 15 March.

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