Project revealed to transform Waterloo

MPL has made four designers redundant in an effort to trim the consultancy’s “surplus” of junior design staff, says deputy chairman Peter Sampson.

The four – three juniors and a middleweight designer – were laid off last week. A source suggests a lack of new work is behind the redundancies, but Sampson claims the cause is a shift towards seniors using technology to see projects right through.

“Basically, we are less dependent on junior designers and we are overstaffed at that level. It’s desperately sad to lose people but that’s what management is about – making sure our resources accord with changes in working practices,” maintains Sampson.

“Business is holding up,” he adds. “I’m confident that over the next six months it will be even better. But we have a surplus of capacity at the junior design level.”

In what Sampson says are separate changes, MPL’s part-time finance director has moved full-time to parent group Princedale.

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