Let’s ‘infiltrate industry with our creative genes’

It is interesting that you suggest that the design industry needs to raise standards of business practice and, therefore, quality (Comment, DW 8 December). Because my own company deals with corporations and public organisations, we have learned to mirror our clients’ working practices in order for us to fit into the kind of teams needed to deliver multidisciplinary projects. But it does not come naturally. While we wait for the leader of the design industry to emerge, there are a number of things that all mini-leaders can be getting on with.

Developing and sharing standard business practices would be a start. Procedures are a real turn-off for creative people. But then the continual need to educate our clients can be a major irritant. Leaders need to reinforce the value of business practice to their own team and the value of creativity to their clients.

The other thing we can do is extend the boundaries of the design industry. We can keep pushing for new business models, where the common factor is creativity linked to strategy.

As for working from the top down, Michael Peters made the excellent suggestion at the Design Business Association that design industry people get on the boards of non-creative companies. We all need to infiltrate industry with our creative genes.

Harry Willis Fleming

HWF Creative


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