Ex-DIA directors take Creative Leap forward

Three former directors of Design In Action are building a new consultancy in a joint venture with retail and leisure interiors outfit Torres Group. Ex-creative director Mark Chittenden, brands director Trevor Bradford and planning director David Gray have formed The Creative Leap, a new “brand development and communication” group. Chittenden and Gray accepted redundancy earlier […]

Battersea powers up

Plans for a 200m conversion of Battersea Power Station into one of Europe’s biggest leisure and entertainment centres have been given the go-ahead by Wandsworth Council. The project is being handled by Hong Kong property firm Parkview. Ove Arup has been appointed as masterplanner, and all design work will come from in-house design resources.

Old-timers have lost touch with what a CV is

The article on CVs (DW Education Supplement, 12 July) filled me with disappointment. Have these people talking about CVs applied for a job themselves in the past 20 years? It seems the nearest Michael Brindley has got to his own CV recently is a telephone number (in someone else’s handwriting) scrawled on to a napkin […]


A real-life version of Tele-Cine’s chameleon logo starred in the design of the company’s new brochure and postcards. Blueprint Design wanted to incorporate the identity of the post-production house into sales material, and brought a live chameleon into the studio. The lizard was then photographed as it changed colour against various backgrounds. The postcard images […]

Four on track for rail identity

Newly formed freight concern English Welsh & Scottish Railway hopes to secure a consultancy this week to work up the winning design of its logo competition advertised through Rail magazine (DW 10 May 1996).

The cybercafé society

Cybercafés are likely to become hang-outs for the tragically sad if they don’t diversify and exploit hardware’s built-in obsolescence, while design teachers and typeface designers are learning that the technology is starting to dictate their methods, disc

Don’t make way for the wannabe subculture

With regard to Mike Horseman’s article (DW Education Supplement, 12 July), there is also another contributory factor to the over population of non-creative designers, and this is the increasing number of wannabe designers who, because they know how to use a Mac, go round calling themselves designers. I came across two members of this subspecies […]

Co-op rosters six-pack

CWS Retail is reviewing the design roster for its Co-op chain of supermarkets – the UK’s fifth largest food retailer. A CWS spokeswoman claims the roster is complete and confirms that client advisory agency EDR has been handling the project.


Planet has redesigned the Blackthorn Cider range for the brand’s owner Matthew Clark Taunton. The group has also redesigned Holsten Pils with a new bottle shape. Computer company ICL is donating 10 000 sponsorship towards a Web site for New Designers in Business. It will also design the site. BP has appointed Flag Communications to […]

Stonehenge design out to tender

English Heritage is inviting bids to tender for the design and operation of a 65m visitor centre at Stonehenge. Earlier concepts by Edward Cullinan Architects and the then James Gardner 3D Concepts, now called 3D Concepts, have been scrapped as English He

Group makes new contacts in Amsterdam

Three-year-old London corporate graphics group Contacts Design Consultants has opened an offshoot in Amsterdam. Called Contacts Communications, the new company is headed by Contacts’ European marketing director Conny van der Aat Dorrestijn, a former marke

Money troubles

The secrecy behind the pitch and design commission of new European currency has turned the exercise into a fiasco, says Joost Smiers. Joost Smiers is director of the Central for Research at Utrecht School of the Arts in The Netherlands

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