Clinic visitors set on course

Conveying factual information in a reassuring tone was the challenge faced by Lippa Pearce with the redesign of the introductory leaflet for the Kobler Clinic HIV and Aids centre.

The clinic opened in 1988 as part of the St Stephen’s Centre at London’s Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. It serves the needs of people with HIV and Aids, in all stages of their illness.

As one of the first impressions a patient may have of the clinic, the leaflet addresses both the recently diagnosed and referrals from other hospitals. With reactions to diagnosis ranging from shock to anger, the leaflet has to be accessible and sensitive.

Designer Paul Tunnicliffe opted for a strong typographic layout with a question and answer presentation to impart the facts. Reportage photography by Sam McConnell aims to capture the caring and sharing spirit of the Kobler Clinic.

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