Debenhams UK look translates to Bahrain

Design plans have yet to be finalised for the Burton Group’s first overseas franchise – a Debenhams department store in Bahrain.

The Burton Group’s franchise agreement for its Debenhams brand to have a presence in the Middle East is part of long-term plans to take its other brands overseas.

Debenhams has signed an agreement with MH Alshaya Co, a leading company in Bahrain, to open a store in Manama, Bahrain.

A spokeswoman for the Burton Group says “the look of the Bahrain store will be the same as in the UK. We will provide MH Alshaya with guidelines as to store layout, but a lot of it will be up to them”. She adds: “Designers will probably be used to carry [the concept] through.”

Work on the franchise is being coordinated by the Burton Group’s newly created international division and the store is due to open next year.

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