It’s all drama at King’s Cross

Seen cavorting each night in London’s King’s Cross area, this is Sue Campbell-Bannerman. No, she’s not showing lonely men how to manoeuvre.

More used to handling accounts at Bostock and Pollitt, Sue is acting in The Feigned Inconstancy, a new translation of the eighteenth century play by Marivaux.

The play ridicules the fashions of the ruling classes of the era, and, as Sue puts it, holds a mirror to the decadent antics of today’s jet-set glitterati and dissolute royalty. Phew!

Sample line? By all means. “To be young and handsome profits a woman nothing if it all be for one man.” How true, says Sue.

It’s on at The Courtyard, 10 York Way, London N1, at 8pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays until 3 August. Tickets are available on 0171-833 0870.

Our picture, by the way, has nothing to do with the play. It’s just an embarrassing snap from Sue’s days at Coley Porter Bell, and we love to show Diary subjects in the best light.

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