Take responsibility for who gets the credit

In principle I couldn’t agree more with your editorial comment (DW 12 July), that credit for a successful product design is often apportioned unfairly to an individual rather than the whole development team. But perhaps journalists should acknowledge a teeny bit of responsibility for creating these unfair impressions.

The design press is obsessed with individuals and is either disinterested or incapable of delving beneath the surface to discover what’s behind the window dressing.

The design world is full of big egos more than happy to provide cover stories, and I never cease to be amazed at the shallow sycophantic attitudes of journalists reporting design development. In our experience, the front end of any product is one small but vital element in the hugely complex process of bringing many new products to the market. Of course, the problem is often that a designer or consultancy’s involvement starts and stops at the front end, which probably makes the often-repeated snub of those in the engine room all the more galling.

Personally, I find it embarrassing to find my name, rather than that of my studio, pencilled under products we jointly design. While I am the spokesman and protector of standards in the business, I believe firmly that the most effective work is achieved by a well- managed interaction between a collaboration of individuals.

The responsibility for the current state of affairs to which the editor refers should be shared equally between a star-struck press, designer and design managers, who should insist on the broader picture being reported.

Adrian Stokes


ASA designers


Middlesex TW12 2EW

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