CLN wings it with a lifeless ‘we have moved’ notice

‘We have moved’ notices are a bit like books and their covers. Should you judge a consultancy’s creative qualities by them?

What is Citigate Lloyd Northover’s transport boffin approach saying? Pictures of a pair of brogues, a taxi meter, a Tube ticket and what can only be a dead pigeon (see carcass above) are set against Statto-esque details of travel times. All to publicise a ‘smart move’.

It looks a bit trainspotterish – and more John Motson than Irvine Welsh at that.

Dew Gibbons takes a more fabulist line, with an anagrammatic tale of how they refurbished their derelict warehouse. ‘Dew Sign Bob’, it begins. That’s a Bob the Builder reference, by the way.

We like ‘New Bog Bids’, wherein ‘Steve throws wobbly at price of Shaun’s sanitaryware wish list’. The mind boggles.

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