Designers prove it is only the fittest that survive

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Your own recent editorials and the ongoing dialogue within the Letters page have confirmed what we have long suspected… Darwin was right.

It is no longer enough merely to be a designer in order to be a designer. As part of the process of natural selection, designers have had to adapt to survive.

However, we believe that, rather than an endangered species, the designer is in fact one of nature’s predators.

Witness the ruthless way in which the species harnessed the natural resources of the Apple, thereby causing the global extinction of the paste-up artist and traditional repro house.

As the design animal becomes more adept at the elaborate courting ritual with prospective clients, it has evolved new marketing skills in order to find new business and not become extinct.

Will this new development now place the marketing species itself in danger as the designer displays its elaborate plumage and offers these acquired skills direct to the client?

Paul Simmons

Paul Simmons & Associates


Surrey RH6 9HW

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