If you haven’t seen the brief, don’t judge

Your Letters page (DW 12 June) included a criticism of the new PricewaterhouseCoopers logo from a designer not usually given to questioning other design solutions.

I think it better to remain publicly silent on the occasions that you encounter a piece of work that is not to your liking.

If you did not receive the specific brief, how can you possibly judge against it?

Part of the brief was clearly to unite the two names, thus Price and Coopers are unified by being set together on the baseline while Waterhouse is placed irregularly between them. The alleged missing cohesion is therefore perfectly evident through this device and is reinforced through ligatured characters.

As for authority and market leadership, it seems to me from the result that an element of the brief was precisely to avoid the immense international business conglomerate feel and to create something which appealed on a slightly more informal level as approachable and friendly rather than aloof and disdainful.

Ten designers will always have ten opinions. But without reference to the client’s brief, they remain just that. (I personally think the additional cartouche is unnecessary, but that’s just my opinion.)

Geoffrey Lawrence

Lawrence Cheung

London E8

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