25 March 1999

Smooth talkers infiltrate design

In your Comment (DW 5 March), “Bombast will never pad out your pitch”, you state that “branding” has taken over as “the catch-all term for most commercial design work”, and

Head count

It isn’t just in terms of revenue that Top 100 consultancies have grown. UK staff numbers have swelled 12 per cent across the board, from the 5000 employed by Top

Victory for Barcelona signals new agenda

Not only is Barcelona an inspired choice to receive this year’s Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects, the mould-breaking decision could set a new “official” agenda

MED identity improves Eyesite

OPTICIAN Eyesite opened its latest outlet in Brighton this week, with a format created by local consultancy MED. Working in conjunction with the client and graphics specialist Kingstar, MED has

GM own-brand labelling puts packs in spotlight

Last week’s announcement that major food retailers have agreed to label all own-brand products containing genetically-modified soya and maize derivatives will not have an immediate impact on packaging designs. However,

NB solution is a cube

When organisers from annual interiors show 100% Design asked NB Studio to come up with concepts for this year’s promotional push, the consultancy decided to create a new marque from


Design Bridge creative director Rod Petrie is a man with a mission. He believes modern-day designers rely too much on new-fangled technology and has set up a series of life

Sliding scales

As in previous years’ consultancy surveys, we’re showing the leaders and laggards in terms of growth of UK fee-income and efficiency in terms of UK fee-income per head employed. Since

Civil rights and wrongs

This year’s Comic Relief saw Elmwood raise 6500 for charity through its 24-hour Thinkathon challenge, which saw creatives solving problems for businesses, for a small fee. Apart from raising money,

Display cases

Claire Catterall on Stealing Beauty I’ve got an exhibition opening at the ICA, Stealing Beauty, and although it’s a heart-felt one, I have had to compromise because I don’t think

Screening the future

Design conferences are quite the fin-de-siècle phenomenon, fulfilling a perennial craving for inspiration among designers while making tidy profits for the organisers. In the US, even in a year of

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