EBD considers name change

The directors of Edward Briscoe Design are considering changing the consultancy’s name in the wake of the departure of founder Ted Briscoe and finance director Roger Marsden (DW 5 March).

If carried out, the change would form part of a drive to re-establish the consultancy’s reputation after a troubled period.

A winding up petition brought against the company by a creditor was due to be heard as Design Week went to press.

Meanwhile, the falling out between the current EBD board and founder Briscoe continues to rumble on.

EBD managing director Ken Greenway says Briscoe failed to honour warranties signed when he sold the company.

He also says the company is considering taking action against Briscoe and other former staff, regarding what he describes as “gross misconduct”.

This is understood to relate to the removal by Ted Briscoe of company materials, believed to include computer servers and archived design work, from EBD’s former offices. Greenway says the materials have since been recovered.

“I didn’t take anything that wasn’t mine,” says Ted Briscoe, who says he will take action against EBD’s new management for payment he claims to be owed.

“This company… will use whatever legal channels are available”, to resolve the situation, says Greenway.

Each party in the dispute is blaming the other for unpaid rent bills, which resulted in EBD moving offices earlier this month.

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