Guardian takes daily approach

The Guardian has announced the launch of a daily TV guide covering cable, satellite and digital channels. The paper’s existing weekly listings, The Guide, will also see design changes to make it more detailed and relevant to a wider readership.

The Guide Daily, due to hit the newsagents shelves on Monday 19 April, has been modelled on the weekly Guide which is published on Saturday. It will be a five-page extension of the G2 section, including regional cinema listings, art and cultural events and TV and entertainment features.

Guardian marketing manager Sarah Barnett says: “The aim is to make the paper more consistent so that the people who buy it on Monday then buy it on Tuesday.”

According to the paper’s associate art director Mark Porter, the Guide Daily, which was designed in-house, “has taken editorial elements from the Saturday Guide and then presented them in traditional G2 style”.

The weekly Guide, on the other hand, is breaking away from its traditional format and Helvetica font. Redesigned in association with Esterson Lackersteen, it aims to improve its representation of the regions by carrying a listings pullout published in five regional editions.

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