NB solution is a cube

When organisers from annual interiors show 100% Design asked NB Studio to come up with concepts for this year’s promotional push, the consultancy decided to create a new marque from scratch. The resulting image, a cube, is intended to be integral to the 100% Design campaign in both two and three dimensions.

As including exhibition dates and straplines had caused confusion in previous years, especially when used in small-sized applications of the last identity, these have been omitted this year. The focus of the cube is on simplicity and legibility.

Staff at NB Studio see great promotional use in the cube concept, saying that three-dimensional versions could provide point-of-sale material in shops stocking exhibitors material, or as stackable furniture or even paperweights.

The forthcoming ad campaign will feature cubes which mysteriously float in space or pirouette on building corners in and around London.

At the show itself the new identity will complement new interiors, currently being developed by Ben Kelly Design.

Design: NB Studio

Client: 100% Design

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