We need your help to save Daniella’s life

I am appealing for bone marrow donors to come forward to help our four-year-old daughter to overcome her relapsed leukaemia via a bone marrow transplant at Great Ormond Street Hospital. After a worldwide search no confirmed match has been identified.

If you want to volunteer to become a donor it is easy: call the Antony Nolan Trust and they will send you a registration pack and home test kit that they will need returned.

To be eligible you need to be aged 18-40 for women and 18-43 for men, weigh no less than 8 stone and be healthy, have no lower back or hip problems, and not suffer from asthma.

Working in a deadline orientated business I appreciate how little time we have to consider these kinds of things. However Daniella’s deadline is with time itself and a phone call from you may help give her or another child a permanent extension.

A heartfelt thank you for your support.

Jonathan Ford and Karen Welman

Creative directors



Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust 0990 111533 (registration)

0171 284 1234 (enquiries)

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