World record billboards join Dome contents

The world’s largest rotating billboards are the central design feature of the latest Millennium Dome zones, unveiled this week.

Measuring 40m x 12m each, the boards are an outsize version of the rotating models used in ad fixtures. Designed by Work in collaboration with architect Allford Hall Monaghan and Morris, they will cover the whole exterior of the Work and Learn zones at the Greenwich Dome site.

The zones, sponsored by Manpower (Work) and Tesco (Learn), occupy different levels of a shared structure and were unveiled by film director Lord Puttnam.

Tim Pyne, creative director of Work, describes the installation as “a decorated steel-framed shed featuring contemporary big-scale billboard architecture”.

“The board will have three different images to represent the fact that the worlds of work and learning are changing,” he says.

The designers will be able to revise the images during the year-long Millennium celebrations.

Pyne, says the exterior is simple as visitors will primarily be going to see the exhibition itself.

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