Take care when applying

I read Geoff Gradwell’s letter (DW 11 May) with interest. At first, I was wincing at his apparent lack of empathy for our poor students, but, as I read further, I found myself nodding in agreement, rather than shaking my head. His comments are no doubt b

We all remember what it’s like chasing that first job. It’s not easy and many give up, cursing their course, the tutors’ advice or just blaming bad luck.

At Suburb, we give some time to students wishing to show us their portfolios and we aim to offer some advice, but it is those who send us an e-mail thanking us for our time or make a point of spelling our name correctly who get remembered. They are the ones who will make it past the ‘delete’ button on Entourage.

So, students, take note – there are ways to get in to see us and it doesn’t always take a quirky direct mail piece. It can often be as simple as taking the time to make sure you are e-mailing the correct person.

David Sedgwick, Designer, Suburb Design, Wilmslow, SK9 6LG

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