offers an on-line wedding service. But there are few clues to the business at its rather spartan offices in a former warehouse close to London Bridge. That, however, is about to change, as the final touches are put to the offices. Branding is being taken from Coley Porter Bell’s design for the corporate identity and screen-graphics, unveiled at the site’s relaunch last month.

For the office design, Westlake assisted in sourcing furniture, space planning and project management.The group deliberately went for a low-key look: whitewashed brick walls, wooden floors, brick-red columns, and part of an exhibition stand recycled as a partition close to the reception. Second-hand desks are arranged in linear rows within the open-plan space, and the inevitable masses of cabling are encased in stainless steel along beams in the ceiling. At the moment, a purple iMac placed prominently at reception is a rare reference to the new branding.

Managing director David Lethbridge says Confetti wanted a combination of a technological environment and an ad agency to suit the variety of roles carried out by staff, and above all the easy communication afforded by an open-plan environment where everyone can see each other. There also had to be room for expansion – the company had two staff in May, it now has 25 and will grow to 40 by the end of the year.

He is looking forward to livening up the office with the distinctive purple and lilac CPB graphics, and will use large-scale versions of screen icons on the walls facing visitors as they arrive: ‘They’ll hit you when you come in,’ says Lethbridge.

These will be combined with colourful window blinds, displays of’s own brand of confetti and – on the outside of the building – billboards with giant 3D confetti to ensure that the company has a strong physical presence outside, as well as on the Internet.

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