Studio Hagger strikes a chord

London consultancy Studio Hagger has been commissioned by the Academy of Contemporary Music for a design to turn a former Guildford car factory into a music factory, which aims to produce future musical stars.

After rapid growth over the past five years, ACM is bringing its three separate buildings together to create a single entity. It aims to create Europe’s leading music school.

Located in the heart of Guildford, Surrey, the shell of the 100-year-old factory will be purpose-built to teach drums, guitar, music production and recording. ACM wants to take advantage of the large factory space and create a number of separate enclosures to isolate different sounds. ‘To avoid sound “bleeding” and low vibrations we are using natural and solid materials, like concrete and timber, which also sustain the atmosphere of the old building,’ says Studio Hagger creative director James Hagger.

The idea is to create a spiral shaped structure which divides the space and forms a walkway leading into enclosed areas. Individual boxes will accommodate specialised teaching rooms, two professional recording studios and two control rooms. The rest of the space, including the inside of the curved walkway, will provide room for an administration office and a lecture theatre, used for conferences, performances and concerts. ‘We were asked to design a showcase as a brand for the company, as much as a functional space for teaching,’ Hagger adds.

The development of the school will begin after Christmas, with plans to open for the next academic year in September.

Designer: Studio Hagger

Client: The Academy of Contemporary Music

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