Alison Miguel – Ziggurat

This year I have fulfilled two ambitions. I moved to the Cotswolds, where I met a totally new group of people, and discovered that the eccentric British aristocracy is, thankfully, still very much alive and kicking. People like Colonel Mustard aren’t just confined to the Cluedo board and West End farces. They really do exist.

I also bought a John Lennon self-portrait that I’d wanted for years. A beautifully simple piece of line work that, I think, captures the image of Lennon in an uncanny way.

When the call from Jonathan Crisp came ‘to create crisps for snobs’, my new friends in the village and my new picture were both floating around in my head. The answer, therefore, was simple: create caricatures of the upper classes to depict the different character of the flavours.

I find such random associations define the creative process. In spite of what people may wish, there’s absolutely no logic to it.

But it hasn’t all been that easy. Buckingham Palace has complained about the redesign, believing that one of the horsey characters bears a passing resemblance to a member of the royal family. All I can say is, how frightfully rude of them.

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