Navyblue creates bid for London Olympics

After the controversial selection of its primary marque last year, the London 2012 Olympic bid campaign has unveiled its 600-page official Candidature File, designed by Navyblue (pictured below).

The group was appointed following a five-way credentials pitch in March against Elmwood, Lloyd Northover, Haymarket and The Stationery Office. Its next project in the campaign is the design of a report that presents the bid from a national perspective, scheduled for publication early next year.

The Candidature File, published in English and French, was delivered to its principal audience, the International Olympic Committee, last Friday.

‘We are seen as the brand guardians of the 2012 image in print,’ says Navyblue senior project manager Ben Hallett. ‘We had to be careful not to be heavy-handed with a hard sell [of the bid].’

Hallett says the London document is ‘quite restrained’ compared to reports submitted by the other candidate cities – Paris, Madrid, New York and Moscow. ‘Some previous bids have been perceived as too arrogant by the IOC. Paris has bid twice and expected to walk it,’ he explains.

Navyblue will create the nationally focused document in time for the IOC’s visits to candidate cities in February next year. The group is also responsible for designing the bid’s monthly mailers.

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