… stronger brand values? – don’t take the biscuit

Am I alone in congratulating United Biscuits for retiring the WMH Jaffa cakes packs? Granted, the design was inspirational and beautifully executed, but it was always a short- term solution – perfect for a special edition pack or seasonal gift, but not strengthening the core values of the Jaffa Cakes brand.

Could any of us really see this design lasting another year or two? Come on, let’s be honest.

And what of the future? Where does this design take the brand?

So let us stand back and admire a great design and applaud when Garrick Hamm goes up to the podium to collect yet another award – but please, please, please, let’s stop talking nonsense about the end of creativity and move on.

Robin Walton

Creative director

La Cía

Madrid, Spain

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