Christian Eager – Designers Anonymous


Having lived and worked in London as a designer for ten years, I’m surrounded by stimuli that can inspire or resolve design problems But it is the people I work with who are most consistently inspiring.

Since starting a design studio in 2008, I’ve worked with talented people from varied backgrounds, each a great source of inspiration. We have a (healthy) obsession with design. We’re a critical team and don’t stop until we’ve found the best idea and pushed as far as possible. This isn’t exclusive to designers. Brand managers, marketers and entrepreneurs we’ve closely collaborated with are cut from the same cloth. It’s this collaboration of hard-working, obsessively talented people with drive that makes inspirational, engaging brands. These brandsf exude the passion invested in them and evoke this obsession in their consumers.


It was the obsessive, hands-on approach that Joseph Sopher (pictured), oJoe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn, that inspired our solution for his brand name and identity.

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