But, are juniors trying hard enough to get design jobs?

While I sympathise with Robin Arnold’s letter (DW 18 October) and his current predicament, I paraphrase his question and ask whether juniors are trying hard enough to get a job in design?

Most of the CVs we receive these days – and we are being inundated – include no personal addresses, or a misspelt one.

A letter that is uninspiring in terms of its relevance to us, its content, its layout and its creativity isn’t to be considered. And more recently, a specific job applicant told us that he did not have a pack of work to send us as he had run out, and then ended by asking us to ring him for an interview.

While many are passionate about design, they also need to be passionate about getting a job and must apply their skills to researching the group they are writing to.

And finding out how to communicate their unique selling points to us, as potential employers, is so important. We recently employed a graduate who did exactly that, albeit on a work experience basis. He now has a good foot in the door to our consultancy.

All things considered, I do wish Arnold the best of luck. It’s going to get much tougher out there.

Sue Woolway

Business development coordinator

Reich & Petch Design

London EC1

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