Identity update for Oxford Brookes

Oxford Brookes University is considering revamping its ‘problematic’ identity as it moves towards a two-semester instead of a three-term year in 2003.

The university has briefed ‘around five’ predominantly local Oxfordshire consultancies to create identities, as well as look at the university’s brand proposition.

The problem with the existing logo is that it is ‘virtually illegible’ unless it is used at a large minimum size, says Oxford Brookes’ creative services design officer Andrzej Galan.

‘We can’t reduce [the logo] any further. It is virtually illegible when used on a small scale,’ Galan adds.

The university is also seeking to educate its academics as to what branding is and how it benefits institutions, to help woo corporate clients and attract more funding for its research programmes. ‘We want to run [the university] as more of a business,’ says Galan.

Meanwhile, Oxford Brookes University is redesigning its 2003 underand post-graduate prospectuses, which are due for completion in February 2002.

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