25 October 2007

Going overground

A shiny new London rail network, with no neglected routes or unmanned stations, is coming our way – or at least that’s the promise. Hugh Pearman inspects the branding of

Trick of the light

Going shopping these days often feels like visiting a museum, with products lovingly displayed as if they were precious exhibits. Central to the success of this illusion is effective lighting.

Universal in board move to aid expansion

Universal Design Studio has appointed former BBC corporate property chief Dan Higgott pictured) as director, adding a fourth member to its board. The interior and industrial design group says it

Shoot from the hip

Everyone knows that rock and roll is about abandon, not precision. The squalling, folding feedback ululating from Jack White’s amp is the sound of deal-making with the devil, a fight


The design writer and art director Steven Heller is constantly ‘on’, and always has a range of book projects on the go. Liz Farrelly marvels at his ceaseless energy, as

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