25 September 1997

Little change for Wales

The vote for Welsh devolution will have a marginal impact on its design community, says Chartered Society of Designers president Adrianne LeMan. ‘I don’t see why devolution will effect the ability of Welsh groups to pitch for business in the UK, or vice versa,’ she says.

CSD was represented at Nesta consultation

The Chartered Society of Designers was, indeed, at the Nesta Consultation (Comment, DW 19 September). Because of other commitments, I was sorry not to be able to attend, but Lesley Morris, who is a member of Council and joint chair of our Education Group was there in my stead. I can’t understand why her name […]

HANDMADE:Eastern promise

Paper-making is part of Nepal’s history. The ancient tradition is as vital today as ever, and the results are some of the most individual and beautiful papers in the world.

Spirited ladies at MPL

Moving offices has proved particularly trying for staff at MPL, which joined CLK in its Hammersmith building earlier this year. MPL’s female staff claim that the building has ghosts in the basement. Head honcho Peter Sampson has been down to check out the ghoulish activities, but found his extra-sensory perception not up to it, and […]

Define and rule

In an overcrowded market getting your product noticed is difficult. Simon Sholl and Philip Lawder cut through the hype to define the qualities of a premium brand. Philip Lawder is planning director and Simon Sholl strategic planning manager at Design Brid


Paper-makers try hard to develop the papers designers need and want, but sometimes the ideal stock just doesn’t exist. Melanie Willis Fleming offers paper creators a few ideas by asking six designers to give us a description of their dream paper.

Best of a bad situation

Following recent discussions on free-pitching or tendering, I believe that most of the core points raised are fair and that too much talent goes unpaid for. I await with interest news on any legislation. In the meantime, however, I dispute David Hyams’ view (DW 19 September) that a pitch is a roulette. If the brief […]

London Aquarium to act on prior criticisms

I write in reply to Diane Bird’s letter (DW 12 September) regarding the comments about her half-term visit to the London Aquarium. The cafeteria is now independent of the aquarium and as such serves as a café for all visitors to County Hall. Initially, due to the layout of the aquarium, we operated a policy […]

paper in art:Material worth

Paper, originally a medium on which art was conveyed, is now often the focus of art itself. Jeremy Roots examines how this evolved. Jeremy Roots is senior designer at Roundel.

Tesco denies talk of image change

Tesco denies rumours that it is considering a strategic identity review in a bid to beat arch rival Sainsbury’s in its attempt to update its brand. Sainsbury’s confirmed two weeks ago that it has established a shortlist of design groups to examine its branding. A source close to Tesco says management at the retailer is […]

North East CSD chair

The Chartered Society of Designers has a new chairman for the North East Region. Alistair Williamson is design manager at Halifax product consultancy Arkham Design and was chairman of the North West Region from 1991-4.


Seeing Is Deceiving: The Art and Science of MC Escher is the first exhibition of his work in the UK for 30 years. Visitors will not only be able to view original designs, but also enter different specially created sets where they can discover the fascinating mathematical world of tessellations, Mbius strips and optical paradoxes. […]

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