Wing and a Prayer, a drama documentary for Channel 5 set in the legal world had its first airing on Monday. The titles created by Plume Productions aim to differentiate the programme by avoiding the usual narrative sequence format which reveals the plot line. Instead, the titles are bold and abstract, incorporating plenty of fire. This invokes in the viewer a feeling of dramatic expectation, says Plume creative director Richard Morrison. ‘With its red hot plot, Wing and a Prayer will undoubtedly excite great interest,’ he says.

‘I love working in leather,’ says car fanatic Sebastian Conran, who has created a new range of car accessories for upmarket English leather company Connolly. The range comprises luxury tool and jump lead kits, a CD case and coat hanger – all in leather. A leather ‘tidy bag’ to hang by the car window is at prototype stage. ‘Luxury allows you to be a bit more quirky and whimsical,’ Conran adds. The range’s zip fobs have been designed to look like miniature accelerator pedals. Connolly is now working with Seymour Powell on new products.

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