100% Design events

100% Design, London’s annual international design exhibition, is running from 25-28 September, featuring over 400 exhibitors showing new designs and products.

Contact: For more information see www.100percentdesign.co.uk.

Venue: Earls Court 1, London SW5.

100% Detail, from 25-27 September, is aimed at architects and specifiers and will showcase the most up-to-date building materials, products and solutions ava

ilable on the international market.

Contact and Venue: see above.

As part of 100% Design, seminars are taking place including Art and Design, examining the crossover between the two disciplines on 25 September at 11am, with Andrew Shoben and Gerry Judah, chaired by Design Week editor Lynda Relph-Knight.

Contact and Venue: see above.

Women in Design, chaired by Dr Antonia Ward, looks at the most powerful women in design on 26 September at 3pm.

Contact and Venue: see above.

Inclusive Design or Raka Raku is the Japanese Idea of ‘easy easy’ or design for everybody, the process of which will be explored in this seminar chaired by Martin Raymond on 26 September at 12am.

Contact and Venue: see above.

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