Bring back the polytechnic to curb the oversupply

I totally agree with Alistair Williamson (Letters, DW 28 August), that there needs to be a massive reduction in the number of design courses, due to the oversupply [of graduates].

I think that there should be a move back towards fewer dedicated design centres of excellence, where there was a real passion for, and understanding of, design. This would be a place where design is top of the agenda, not just ‘in there’ with ‘golf management’ degrees.

Like Williamson, I fear that today’s second division, highly branded, ‘new’ universities are more about securing fee-income, than preparing design graduates with the right skills.

A few less ‘career lecturers’ and more external lecturers, together with student placement years might be good too. Let’s have an end to this mediocre money- making business.

Andy Myring

Independent design consultant

Kingston KT2 7HG

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