Levi’s Paris store is one for the girls

Checkland Kindleysides and The Kitchen have collaborated on the first standalone ‘girls-only’ store for fashion brand Levi’s, which opened in Paris at the weekend ahead of a possible global roll-out of the concept.

Levi’s is expected to monitor the performance of the 110m2 store at 12 Rue Pierre Lescot, with a view to developing a worldwide offer that caters exclusively for a young, style-conscious and ‘sassy’ female market. Interiors for the store (pictured) are by Checkland Kindleysides with identity work by The Kitchen.

Until now, Levi’s retail strategy has been unisex in approach, says Checkland Kindleysides managing director Jeff Kindleysides. ‘Previous Levi’s stores have been playing more to the masculine side of the brand,’ he says. ‘This is very different to what has gone before and is informed by extensive [sociological] research.’

The interiors brief called for an ‘eclectic, relaxed and intimate’ feel. It is largely inspired by a ‘thrift store’ cool, based on the idea that girls like to ‘discover’ items in store and spend time trying on the store’s merchandise, explains Kindleysides.

The Kitchen’s ‘abstract, illustrative’ corporate identity features a girl’s face and flowing hair and is used in store and carried through to bags and point-of-sale materials.

The girl’s hair ‘grows out’ around the walls in a ‘flame-like’ way, according to The Kitchen creative director Rob Petrie.

Designer Ramon Marin was inspired by psychedelic music posters from the ‘West Coast 1960s scene’, he adds.

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